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  1. JASEN CON says:


    1. Md. Aiyub Ali says:

      Bangladesh win this asia cup 2023 inshallah.

    2. Virat kohli says:

      Let’s see

    3. Where is Nepal’s matches? Please update the schedule.

  2. All india’s matches will play in other country not like Pakistan

    1. Mir Muhammad says:

      Indiana should be come and play asia cup2023 in Pakistan then world cup in India

      1. Anand rajput says:

        There is no need to play World Cup for Pakistan don’t come to India

      2. We are coming for championship 🇳🇵

      3. Bomb se nahi marna hum indian ko nahi to Modi Tumeri Fard Dega

    2. Pakistan will have some revenge inshallah

      1. India not to come pakistan asia cup matchand pakistan not going india india not seve my player this is my right ok

      2. Viaml Aryan says:

        नल्ला पाकिस्तान किस से बदला लेगा साफ-साफ बोलो ना?

      3. Ankur Bakhshi says:

        It’s a game and let it be a game. Moreover pakistan is not safe to play for any country. Lastly Lord Sada Shiva is with us and we will win the Asia Cup.

    3. Md meraj khan says:

      Nepal come to india play with games asia cup wellcome to nepal🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵

    4. Md meraj khan says:

      Come to nepal wellcome

    5. Nirmal Giri says:

      This time play nepal and this is the just start not to end..

  3. Hafeez Ullah says:

    Inshallah Pakistan will win this year and king Babar Azam will be the player of the tournament.

  4. Amir Zulfiqar says:


    1. Samir Mandal says:

      no inshallah , Nepal is going there to break pakistan.

  5. Insallah pak win come babar azam

  6. Aaditya Chaudhary says:

    You’re missing the team Nepal it should be included

  7. Ramesh Adhikari says:

    Jay Pashupatinath, Nepal will win ASIA cup -2023 this year.

  8. Mahendra Rijal says:


  9. Nepal 🇳🇵 will join Asia cup

  10. Afroj Ansari says:

    Love from Nepal ❤️🙌❤️🇳🇵🇳🇵 We will play and win too InshaAllah…..Proud to be Nepali…🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🏏🏏🏏🤟🤟🤟 swagat nahi karoge hamara Asia Cup me…🤟🤟

  11. Santosh pant says:

    Nepal book india, pakistant meeting at Asia cup 2023, Nepal beats UAE by 7 wicket, We are the CHAMPIONS of the #ACCpermiercup…… Asia cup 2023 should not be postponed because it is a dream of nepali team to play against india, pakistan,,,,

  12. Now 2023 Asia cup for Nepal ..
    Nepal entered 2023 .
    . we will show gorkhali’s power 😂

  13. SARWAN MAJHI says:

    All habibi is sal player of the match subman Gill banti Pakistaniyo😆

  14. Manoj marasini 🇳🇵 says:

    Nepal are coming for asia cup 2023

  15. Hello India and Pakistan we are coming… Be careful 🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵

  16. Madhab Bhatta says:

    How come this writer still don’t know Nepal is also included in the Game.. After winning the qualifiers game.

  17. Zaheer safdar says:

    Actually any team should participate in any tournament in any country without making politics and without any controversy not like india because its the cricket not a political stage

  18. Hirdaya Narayan Yadav says:

    India vs Nepal

  19. Ban win this Asia Cup 2023


  21. Nasir Uddin says:

    59 % India
    39 % Pakistan
    20% Bangladesh
    20% Srilanka
    15 %Afgan
    10% Nepal

  22. raj kumar says:

    nepal asia cup 2023 playing

  23. Arafat Uddin Bijoy says:

    Inshallah Bangladesh will win the Asia Cup 2023 , may Allah bless you Bangladesh team

  24. All of us should play together and better team win for sports not for politics hopefully

  25. Pabitra K Roy says:

    Where’s Bangldesh???

  26. Biplob Prasad says:

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  27. Amrit R. Manandhar says:

    Nepal is coming there in this season of Asia Cup 2023. With much enthusiasm and high spirit, it will compete with the world´s cricket powerhouses like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. With huge supporters at home, Cricket has grown to become one of the most popular games in this country these days. All the home supporters are awaiting to see Nepal team in action versus world´s powerhouses. Victory over opponent is important, but what counts more significantly is team efforts to make a beautiful game.

  28. Viaml Aryan says:

    एशिया कप टीमें कैसे-कैसे क्वालीफाई करेंगी?

  29. MANIL LAMA says:


  30. Abu Jafar says:

    This years in sha Allah Bangladesh will be win Asia cup 2023