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  1. Jagabandhu Marndi says:

    Sri Lanka has default and Pakistan has food crisis, fighting each other for food but you are saying they are happier than india.i think you have made this report by drinking vodka.how you can so bais about india.

    1. This kind of comments prove why India is ranked low. People who comments this way and using this type of language is not helping India and continually bring down our India.

    2. India also need to give 5kg food to 80 carror our citizens.

  2. India may be on low rank due to many Indians facing recent discrimination based on their religion. Roughly one-in-four Muslims and other minorities say that in the last few years they have faced discrimination because of their religion which is increasing day by day. Even many Hindus sects as also facing racism.

    1. If you add that we will be doing even worse.

  3. m V r prasad says:

    How come we are so low down with all our spirituality on one side and democracy on the other?

  4. Just pretending will not help need to do better. The governments have big share in those issues.