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  1. Kajal Swaroop says:

    Msc microbiology ki form date 1st res

  2. Mohan kumar says:

    I am mohan from tamipnadu I want to study in aiims in new delhi I am studing 12th standard now i will write neet exam and apply for aiimsexam and get in to aiims.

  3. L.S.Helen says:

    I’m L.S.Helen from manipur i want to study aiims i finished my12 and now I’m preparing for Neet

  4. I want further information about exam

  5. For MHA course what is the process? How to apply?

  6. Shravani chikhale says:

    I am proud of

  7. Aditya kumar singh says:

    Sir aap ke University say only ladki hi Aana BSc nursing kar sakti hai Ladka nahin kar sakta hai kahe sir ji

  8. PRIYANCY sharma says:

    Basi registration is done only


    im tharunya im frist condidate in our family to applying MBBS

  10. I am Melba from tamilnadu I want to study in AIIMS in new delhi I am studying 12 th standard and now I am preparing for neet

  11. Mitali b kotian says:

    I want to apply for aimms…is there any specific application available can uh please provide me the link..

  12. ramrahesh barkade says:

    AIIMS application form information

  13. Miss princess says:

    Exam date mentioned…

  14. I want details regarding bsc nursing degree course

  15. Sukanya Mondal says:

    Criteria for msc Biotechnology from aiims delhi and the eligibility