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      1. Sinnasamy says:

        Aadhar and TNEB number இனைத்தல்

        1. A .Arul Doss says:

          ஆதார் இணைப்

          1. B.Surendran says:

            While doing EB/Adhar link, by mistake we have given my brother Adhar number instead of mine.kindly, advice how to change.

    1. Aathar link to Eb connection

      1. Sinnasamy says:

        Aadhar and TNEB number இனைத்தல்

    2. C Saravanan says:

      Tneb link with adhaar details sir

  1. Gobinathan says:

    How to Aadhaar link ..For apartment common purpose EB conection .

  2. G.Sethuraman says:

    CSC Local Centre mean what??

  3. A B PREMKUMAR says:

    When a property is owned by an NRI, it’s not possible to link the service connection with aadhaar number as they won’t possess an aadhaar card.
    What is the remedy?

  4. Esther thomas says:

    My service num 204 008 697.
    Pls link this service num to adhar card

  5. SIVASANKARI says:


  6. Mohammed Afzal says:

    Kindly provide guidance what an NRI can do as they own property here but do not have aadhar card.

  7. I linked my Aadhaar thrice and got (successful) ack. msg. But, in the bill status page, the linking status not found. I hv preserved the screenshot of the latest ack.

  8. It is pity that the TANGEDCO Authorities hv not publicised/provided any contact details, phone or email for getting assistance, when things do not go well. Will the authorities address this. The instructions are modified (updated in tech. language) several times, since beginning.

    1. E.Munusamy. says:

      E.Munusamy says adhar no link sir.
      Phone no. 8248266200.
      Adhar No. 5971 0761 0169.
      SC NO . 120 Natteri.
      Brammadesam . E.B.

  9. Sanjaykumar says:

    Website not working properly

  10. i have more than two eb connection in my name among these 5 EB connection one is for my own uses others for rental house what to do if i link all eb line connection in my single Aadhar card or link the Adhar card of tenet please make it clear what i can do

  11. I am not able to reach the website.make easy to reach the website it is all over tamilnadu peoples need.Do the needful,effective means.

  12. V balasubramanian says:

    Where is the service camp available are the e b officials helping the public to do this thanks

  13. Koshy M O says:

    I am unable to link on either websites. I am an owner. It is only taking as tenant.

  14. Sinnasamy says:

    Aadhar and TNEB number இணைத்தல்

    1. S.Venkatesh says:

      pl correct link for aadhar update eb conection portal send to mail

  15. M.Rajenderan says:

    Ep aadhaar link

  16. M.Rajenderan says:

    Tneb aadhaar link

  17. SRadhakrishnan says:

    Unable to link Aadhar card because unable to get connected to website

  18. Thenmozhi says:

    If i am a tenant , eb card name was the owner’s, can i add my(tenant) aadhar no

  19. i have linked wrong adhar number with eb connection . unable to register again with adhar correct number.

  20. What if the connection is in my father’s name and he is no more . I do have legal heir on my name, my mother’s name and sisters name . In this case should i link one of the legal heirs aadhar to Tneb connection or should I link my deceased Father’s aadhar itself

  21. THANUKUMARI says:

    I have received a command while linking the service number to athar card. What is the next step.
    The Aadhar details could not be verified at UIDAI portal

  22. Krishnakumar Ramaswamy says:

    I am unable to link aadhar to my common meter connection. I get an error when I try to link that “this service is available only for domestic, powerloom, agriculture and hut services only”. My connection is domestic under LA1D tariff. Why is this happening and how can this be corrected?

    1. I am getting same error for LA1D connection

  23. When tried to link my EB number to Aadhar it is said that number is changed. How to know the revised number?

  24. மணிசுந்தரம் says:

    தந்தைபெயரில்இருக்கும் இனைப்பை மகன்அல்லது மருகள் பெயரில் மாற்றி இனைப்பது சிரம்மாகுள்ளது அதை எவ்வாறு இனைப்பது

  25. Mahalakshmi Boddupalli says:

    My SC no. 09201048374
    I am unable to register my Aadhaar card

    Request you to help me.

    Also request you to let me know if my Aadhaar card is linked .

    Thank q sir

  26. for aadhar linking in tneb, what should be put in occupant details, when the portion bearing the meter is rented, but the meter is under owner’s name since owner is also in the same address as of tenant?

  27. Provision should be given to link ALL Aadhaar numbers of joint owners of property with multiple joint ownership(not any one of the joint owner’s ). EB should add this provision. Also ‘linked mobile’ number should not be for only one of the joint owner. (It’s not a question of ‘any one person’s is enough). Every joint owner should be able to register their aadhaar link with their SC number

  28. Ganapathy says:

    Forgot to notes acknowledge number for Aadhar eb link. Kindly help me to find link status

  29. What will happen if linking is not done by the last date Dec 31

  30. can i link my Aadhar for my house EB connection But the consumer name is my mother?

  31. Please send my updated

  32. Kaliammal says:

    Owner column not open for the service number.

  33. Rajesh Kumar V says:

    The portal was not accessible for some days.
    Later, OTP takes a lot of time to receive and enter

  34. Rajesh Kumar V says:

    Getting the message as “The Aadhar details could not be verified at UIDAI portal” at the end

  35. MOHDSAVIR says:

    पर्सनल लोन

  36. Manokaran says:

    Aadhar enaippu link anuppayum

  37. Praveen B says:

    Aadar card conect to EB


    What is the last date for linking the Aadhar with TNEB Connection. Is it extended the last date.

  39. M.S.SAHULHAMEED says:

    Aathar in tneb connection

  40. R.shanmugam says:

    sir, no of time I try to link atahar no but not updated. Data not stored. kindly try after some times. what I do next sir

  41. Complete Medical Wellness says:

    Nice! thank you so much! Thank you for sharing. Your blog posts are more interesting and informative.


    EB Aathar card liening

  43. Balachandar says:

    Can I update my aathar through online, if yes how can I do, web address please

  44. Pandian selvarajan says:

    kindly clarify if theOCI holder having houses at Tamilnadu , those OCI holders are not necessary to hold addhar card
    What will be the action for those OCI holders.

  45. I am a 94 year old super senior citizen presently living in Kerala. I own a flat in Coimbatore presently rented out. I am disabled as I am not able to walk. The post man who came home for updating phone details in aadhar could not do it as the finger prints did not match.
    As such I am unable to link aadhar with my phone. Hence I am unable to link the aadhar card in TNEB . Any solutions please

  46. Buvaneswari veerappan says:

    Aadhar link to EB connection

  47. Kamala Pathi V says:

    My Aadhaar connect sir

  48. சந்திரமோகன் கருணாகரன் says:

    விவசாய மின் இணைப்பு ரசிது (Receipt) தவறி விட்டதால் சேவை Service எண் அறிய இயலவில்லை, எண் அறிய அதற்கான சரியான வழி முறைகள் தெரிவியுங்கள்… சந்திரமோகன் கருணாகரன் அசேஷம், மன்னார்குடி 614001

  49. Ravindar Prasad says:

    Ravinder Kumar