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  1. Rahul sharma says:

    Csc need to improve the support function to most of it’s services. Majority of their supporting staff don’t really know of the problems faced on field and; in live implementations. The product quality of some services are not in par with common mans expectations. Csc are of the assumption that all of their products could be sold at each of it’s centres. But actually even any busines man knows that not all products will get sold at a service point. In fact, a csc center believes in the csc and invest their time and hard earned money for infrastructure, marketing and other activities. But csc starts to choose an new center close by saying that the old center is a non performer. And this story continues. So u will find many centres in one single stretch. Each of them would have invested their time and money while the results remain the same. Now csc claims that there are many centres, but who is actually getting benefitted – csc or csc center. When a business grows and expands everyone in the business needs to grow. Hope csc gets the point.

  2. Ali Sheikh says:

    CSC Digital Seva candhra

  3. Chandan kumar.9380491197 says:

    Iam Chandan Kumar Iam ollredy TEC Exam result pass Please help CSC ID & Password

    1. Rajesh mahato says:

      I want to take csc Id , do you help me